Thursday, 20 June 2013

What is Servlet ?

What is Servlet ?

  • Servlet is Java technology based web component, managed by web container, that generates dynamic content.
  • It is platform-independent component.
  • Java classes that are compiled to platform-neutral byte code that can be loaded into and run by java technology enabled web server.
  • Containers, sometime called servlet engines, are Web Server extensions that provide servlet functionality.
  • Servlet interact with web client via request/response paradigm implemented by the servlet container.

What is a Servlet Container ?

  • Servlet container is part of Web Server or Application Server that provides network services over which request/response are sent.
  • Decodes MIME based requests.
  • Formats MIME based responses.
  • A Servlet Container also contain and manages servlet through their lifecycle.
  • A servlet container can be built into Web server or installed as an add-on component to web server via that Server's native extension API
  • SC can also be built into or possible installed into web based application server.
  • All SC must support HTTP as a protocol for request and response.
  • Also addition request/response based protocol such as HTTPS can be supported.
  • The require version of the HTTP specification that container must implement HTTP 1.0 and HTTP 1.1.

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