Friday, 19 July 2013

Back to Traditional Software Installation from SaaS

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Back to Traditional Software Installation from SaaS 

I am wondering the traditional Installation is back with use of Smart Phone.

In old days (not too much old), we used installable and it makes the hardest part to install the patch for a fix or install new version. When someone discovered the cloud computing, we got relief from the new installation and/or a patch fix.

Hmm, Now again, I have the same problem in a different way. Yes, it is from the smart phone. I am using smart phone very recently. I faced two main problems. 

First, when I faced a touch problem on my phone, I did a factory reset. I knew that, I will lose all of my data and apps. But I had no choice. Anyhow, I have my backup for all apps and data. After fixing the touch problem. I reset it with the backup. But It took much time reset the apps and data. One of the apps didn't pick the data from the backup. I restored it from my cloud backup. But I lost a small amount offline data. That is not affected me, but I am worrying about the future. 

Second, I got an issue with an app (I am really don't want to tell which app it was). When I contact the support for that app, they said, they will fix and update. So, now I am waiting for the update. It reminds me the traditional software.

But one advantage of a smart phone app update is, I am really no need to download and install it manually. It will automatically download and install the new version. I think I am back to the traditional installation with use of a smart phone.


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