Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Information Security Basis in Simple terms.

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What is Data?
Data is collection of facts, numbers, text and etc.
What is information?
Data when arrange in a convenient form. Credit Card Number, password and so on.
Types of Data
  • Public available data.
  • Job Notice, Insurance Policy details.
  • Confidential Data
  • Organisational data, companies forecast data, Bank customer details.
  • Restricted Data.
  • Company System Design, PIN number, password, medical reports of a permission.
What is Information Security?
Information Security is the means of defending Information or Data stored either physically or digitally.
When Information is not guarded and available to everyone, this weakness is allows intruder or attacker to gain access the system and information. This is known as vulnerability.
In another terms it is flaw in the system.
When the intruder uses a vulnerability to get sensitive data from system is known as exploits.
Threat is harm to a system and it has no control over it.
Threat can be intentional(man made threats), accidental or natural disaster.
Reasons for Intentional threat or Attack
  • Destroying target system by posting wrong information. People doing this will call hacktivist. E.g. cybercrime.
  • Aim to earning money by stealing information or to make that information inaccessible. E.g. Ransomware.
  • Personal motivation to attack an individual.

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